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SYNLAB Budapest Diagnostic Center GenoID Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory (GenoID) provides high-throughput, fast and accurate PCR-based pathogen detection as a referral laboratory for institutes all over the world for diagnostics and research.
GenoID Laboratory is one of the most highly automated PCR labs in Europe. The requirement of cost efficient operation and the ambition for constant improvement in automation has resulted in remarkable know-how in operating a PCR laboratory. Over the past years, the laboratory has performed more than half a million PCR tests including over 300,000 HPV tests for clients in Croatia, Hungary, Georgia, Romania, Serbia, Sweden, Turkey, UAE, UK, etc.

Our services concentrate on two large areas: molecular microbiological diagnostic testing and human molecular genetic testing. Our laboratory is certified to ISO 9001:2001 and ISO 13485:2003 standards.

We hope we can shortly welcome you among the growing number of European gynaecologists, oncologists, dermatologists and urologists who seek high-quality and cost-efficient HPV typing,STI and genetic diagnostic service.

Number of GenoID PCR tests in 2015

Number of GenoID PCR tests in 2015


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