Samples for genetic tests

Sample collection guide for genetic tests

You will need:

The procedure of sample collection:

1. The patient should not eat, drink, chew a gum, or smoke for one hour before sample collection.

2. Mark the packaging of the collection device with the patient’s name and date of birth.

3. Wear glove on your hand that you will use for sample collection.

4. Remove the sterile brush from the package by piercing the end of the shaft through the back of the wrapping. In the open mouth rub the inner side of the cheek 8 times on both sides with concentric movements, simultaneously spinning the shaft.

5. Now carefully replace the collection device into the packaging through the opening of the wrapping that you made when you removed it.

6. Until mailing, keep the sample at room temperature without further wrapping to allow it to dry, for up to two weeks.

7. For mailing, place it in a double packaging, e.g., seal it in an envelope or ziplock bag before putting it into a padded envelope along with the request form.

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