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Takács T, Jeney C, Kovács L, Mózes J, Benczik M, Sebe A.
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Jeney C., Takács T., Sebe A., Schaff Z.
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Validation of the CyMol Medium for the ability to preserve HPV DNA for amplification assays (EUROGIN 2008)

A real-time PCR based high-throughput screening system for high-risk HPV detection (IGCS 2008)

Comparision of HPV Detection by Hybrid Capture II test, PreTect HPV-Proofer it and Full Spectrum HPV Amplification and Detection System (EUROGIN 2007)

Molecular beacon based real-time PCR method for detection of 15 high-risk and 5 low-risk HPV types (IPV 2007)

Automated high-throughput laboratory procedure

High-throughput HPV screening using one step multiplex real-time PCR based system
(IPV 2009)

The L1F/L1R PCR- and hybridization-based HPV detection and typing system and its application in an automated high-throughput laboratory (EMMD 2007)

Cost-effective screening of genital HPV infections in a Hungarian automated high-throughput laboratory (IPV 2006)


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Evaluation of a new cervical screening biomarker panel (IPV 2009)