Please let us introduce our colleagues who are responsible to run GenoID laboratory and research facilities:

Márta Benczik, M.D.
Head of Laboratory

Dr. Benczik is a medical microbiologist, graduated from Semmelweis University Budapest, Hungary in 1991. She worked for 5 years at the Department of Diagnostic Virology at the Hungarian National Institute of Health (HNIH) Budapest, Hungary and 2 years in the USA as a postdoctoral research fellow. From 2004 she gained more than ten years of professional and managing experience in the R&D of HPV and STI. She currently is the Head of SYNLAB GenoID Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory Budapest, Hungary, SYNLAB Hungary Ltd. (formerly GenoID Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory, GenoID Ltd.). She is the professional and operative leader of the GenoID automated molecular diagnostic laboratory performing over 1000 PCR tests per day and more than 300 000 HPV tests with her supervision. She is also responsible for scientific and clinical collaborations of the laboratory. In 2014 she has been the Head of SYNLAB International PCR Advisory Board.

Flóra Fodor, M.D.

Flóra Fodor, M.D., is a board-certified laboratory medicine specialist and clinical molecular geneticist. She spent an academic year at Oxford University and six months at the University of Glasgow as a postgraduate student where she was involved in diagnostic work and research in the fields of human molecular genetics, cytogenetics and clinical genetics. As a postdoctoral fellow, she conducted research in human molecular genetics at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York, and later was certified as a clinical molecular geneticist by the American Board of Medical Genetics. She is a registered forensic expert witness in forensic genetics. After a few years of clinical work (obstetrics and gynecology) Dr. Fodor held posts in various clinical chemistry and medical genetics laboratories. Currently she oversees the molecular genetics and paternity testing division of SYNLAB Budapest Diagnostic Center, Genoid Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory. She is the first author of 4, and co-author of 8 peer-reviewed publications.

Tibor Takács
Research fellow

Tibor Takács was graduated at Budapest University of Technology and Economic, Faculty of Chemical and Bioengineering in 1992. As a scholarship holder of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences he started his career at the Department of Microbiology Semmelweis University. Between 1996-99 he was employed as physicist at National Institute of Oncology.

Later Tibor started to develop molecular biological diagnostic assays and continued his research at GenoID from 2001 being responsible for the product development and production of HPV detection and genotyping systems and sexually transmitted disease tests, taking actively part in the quality management procedures of the company.