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Combining the expertise of previous businesses, GenoID Molecular Biological Research, Manufacturing and Health Provider Ltd was established in 2001. As of 1 January, 2014 it has merged with Synlab Hungary Ltd with legal continuity. Our services concentrate on two large areas: molecular microbiological diagnostic testing and human molecular genetic testing. Our tests can be requested by our partner clinicians, by patients referred by their doctors to us, or directly by the public (e.g., through internet search). Currently over 1000 doctors use our services both domestically and abroad. Synlab’s molecular microbiological diagnostic service is partly financed by public health insurance and is partly self-financed, while our molecular genetic tests are solely provided independently of the public health insurance system.

Molecular microbiological diagnostic tests

  • Our laboratory offers molecular microbiological diagnostic testing for most of the pathogens occurring in the gynaecological, urological, dermatological and STD (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) areas. Our service includes qualitative or, in certain cases, quantitative PCR-based identification of pathogens that can not, or can hardly be cultivated by traditional methods. Depending on the assumed site of emergence of a pathogen, various types of samples can be tested (e.g. cervix, urethra, urine, sperm, pharynx). Several pathogens can be detected from a single sample, thus making sample collection easier, and allowing for a faster diagnosis and a more efficient therapy.
  • Using a real-time PCR-based technology in an fully automated and closed system (Cobas s201 system, Roche), we perform screening tests for HIV/HBV/HCV viruses in relation to blood product donation for umbilical cord blood banks.
  • Detection of the Human Papilloma Virus, or HPV, a sexually transmitted virus responsible for cervical cancer, is done using Genoid’s CE-marked and patented method. This test has outstanding capabilities even on the international level; it is able to detect 49 different types of anogenital HPV, grouped by their cervical cancer-causing risk level, i.e., high-risk (HR-HPV), low-risk (LR-HPV) and no-risk HPV (NA-HPV) categories. HPV-typing assists clinicians in the follow-up of patients.

Human molecular genetic tests

Among tests that can be performed by molecular genetic methods we primarily offer tests that affect a relatively large number of individuals and relate to hereditary characteristics that are associated with diseases, health risk factors, or lifestyle. Special emphasis is placed on only offering tests that, depending on their results, have a medical therapeutic consequence or a disease-preventing effect achievable by lifestyle changes. Our current but continuously widening palette covers mainly tests related to thrombosis risk, male infertility, nutrition and oncogenetics. In 2014 over nine thousand medical genetic reports were issued.

In addition to medical diagnostic testing, we also perform parentage testing for the general public, which include paternity, patrilinear kinship, zygosity and other relationship tests.


At present our team consists of 2 board-certified medical doctors, MSc biologists, BSc biologists and some 20 medical diagnostic analysts, laboratory technicians and administrators.

Quality Management

Our laboratory is accredited to the ISO 9001:2001 and ISO 13485:2003 standards.


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